Sad truth: People steal others’ Wheat Thins. We created an insurance policy against Wheat Thins theft and offered three plans:
Basic, Premium and Lime. In basic, people filed a simple WT-2 form to claim their loss. In Premium, you could get items
to protect your Wheat Thins in exchange of retweets. As Lime was a limited-edition flavor, meaning more value,
we required an appraisal submission of you and a box of lime in order to insure it. Once appraised, the user could
submit a claim similar to the Basic plan.

10,000 new Twitter followers in 2 hours.
340,000 Tweets about it
497 Premium items given
4,185,000 Individual Wheat Thins protected
Vine used as example on Twitter's top 20 tweets.

One Show Interactive Merit Award
Shorty Merit Award